The CTC218 (Cabinet Test Controller) is the latest addition to the UTEL range of cabinet products. Updated to use the new series of powerfull micro processors and Linux software now available to ensure the product is future proof and expandable to meet the demands of Copper and Fibre Testing. The CTC218 is also available with an integrated modular TASM to provide Test Access.
Test Access Solution for FTTC cabinets

Supplied in a chassis suitable for rack mounting in a 19" or ETSI standard frame this unit is ideally installed at the top of the cabinet frame, but can be installed in any convenient space. It is supplied with cables and all connectors ready for installation.
It is powered by -48V. Configuration software for a laptop is provided free of charge and makes installation very straight forward and easy. Remote firmware updates are also possible.
All cables are standard CAT5 and are supplied with the product. Colour coding ensures the correct wiring is installed. Wiring follows standard diasy chaining and naturally flows down the cabinet to the test access switches.

A version is available with built in or external modems. These Golden Modems can test the DSLAM port by connecting and making sure the units can sync.

Copper Test Head for Street Cabinets

Key Benefits

  • Remote testing and diagnostics
  • Future Proof platform
  • Real time access and testing
  • Easy integration into existing OSS
  • TDR & line characteristics

Key Features

  • Full range of copper line tests
  • Compact rack mount unit
  • Line pre-qualification
  • Compatible with all leading TAM & TASM

Product Data

  • Height: 25mm Width: 425mm Depth: 150mm Weight:1.86kg
  • DC Voltage, AC voltage, Resistance, Capacitance, Length
  • Noise tests, TDR, Tones, longitudinal balance
  • Built on a poweful Linux platform
  • TL1, XML and webservices
  • Automatic discovery
  • Published API's for connection
  • Termination test and identification
  • Fully compliant with EMC, ESD, CE and RoHS standard
  • Optional Golden Modem